New Zealanders Might As Well Have Gotten On Their Hands And Knees And Groveled To Mecca

“Women in Christchurch wore makeshift hijabs as a statement of peace

and solidarity on Friday, a week after a white supremacist killed 50 Muslims at two mosques in the southern New Zealand city” (Breitbart by AFP, March 21, 2019). During a nationwide Islamic call to prayer and 2 minutes of silence, Prime Minister Jacina Ardern, many women and at least some female police officers donned hijabs, a symbol, not of solidarity but, rather, a symbol of submission to Islam. Al Noor mosque imam Gamal Fonda (oops, that would be Gamal Fouda. Sorry for the Freudian slip) thanked the Prime Minister for “honoring us with a simple scarf”, thus downplaying the symbolism and told the families of the Christchurch victims that “their blood will water the seeds of hope and people will see the beauty of Islam.” But, the imam was not finished. Running true to form, he treated the crowd to the usual Islamaphobia/victimization tirade. The imam continued by saying, “The martyrdom of 50 people and the injury of 42 did not come overnight, it was the result of the anti-Muslim rhetoric of some political leaders, media agencies and others,” he added, telling the crowd that “Islamaphobia kills” and urging “governments around the world, including New Zealand and neighbouring countries, to bring an end to hate speech and the politics of fear.” The imam had nothing to say about Christian genocide by Muslims and the other world-wide atrocities done by his religious brethren in the name of Allah. There is no Islamaphobia. There is only the observation of what radical Islam has inflicted on the world and the reporting of its reality. The fear, of which the imam spoke, comes not from politics but, in fact, issues from that reality.

#NationalWeakness #OpenMigration #guncontrol #NewZealand #radicalislam

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