Jerry Nadler Goes Full Stalin

a Without any evidence of corruption, the House Judiciary panel, under the direction of Judiciary Chairman, Representative Jerry Nadler (D-NY) opened what has been called a sweeping corruption probe into Trump’s world which I assume would be his family, his business associates and partners, his campaign staff and anyone on this green (excuse the expression) Earth who has had the bad judgement, as seen through the eyes of Nadler, to allow themselves to be tainted, in any way, by contact with Donald Trump over the last 30 or 40 years. For that, you must pay dearly and Mr. Nadler will bring the full weight of the United States Government upon you to see that you do. It is reported that 81 people, companies and government entities are presently slated for investigation including Trump’s namesake company, charity, transition team, inauguration and 2016 campaign, as well as several longtime associates and the president’s two adult sons. I’m sure, out of desperation, Nadler will eventually get to Baron.

Nadler’s committee has the power to impeach and with it looking like Mr. Mueller will not, after 2+ years and tens of millions of dollars, be able to provide the goods and after a review of the lineup of Democratic losers running for president, the Representative from New York has decided that he has to give the lackies in the press something, for an anti-Trump narrative, that they can run with on behalf of the Democratic Party.

#witchhunt #secondtrumpwitchhunt #antiamericanism #Communism

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