Did Barack Obama, While President, Obstruct Justice?

It would seem that is where the testimony of Lisa Page, former FBI attorney and mistress of Peter Strzok (a sexual liaison born in Hell), may lead us. Ms. Page told Congress that the Justice Department, under Loretta Lynch, ordered the FBI not to charge former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with “gross negligence” (they used the alternate term “extreme carelessness”) for mishandling classified information. James Comey, being a good little soldier for the Obama Administration, an anti-Trumper and all-around stooge for the Hillary Clinton campaign did as he was instructed. But, that shouldn’t have been a surprise. It was obvious, at the time, that the last thing this group wanted was for the political hot potato of a very possible Hillary indictment to loom large over the upcoming election and have to be handled where it should have been, at the DOJ. So Comey short-circuited the whole thing by publicly and wrongfully absolving Clinton. End of problem.

It would be foolish and naïve to believe that then Attorney General, Loretta Lynch and FBI Director James Comey made independent decisions to do this on their own. It is much more likely and believable that the decision to deep six the Clinton investigation came directly from the White House in the person of President Barack Obama. He, above all others, needed a Hillary Clinton presidency to continue his fundamental transformation of America.

Lock him up?

#NationalWeakness #politicalCrimes #violationofoffice #softcoup

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