Beto Says He’s Sorry For Being A White Man. He Sincerely Hopes That Ilhan Omar & Rashida Tlaib A

After Beto got off his knees and unpuckered, he had a few more things to say. As to out of control immigration, he observed that we don’t need a wall to solve a problem that we don’t have.

He endorsed the Green New Deal, but, refused to sign a pledge that he would not accept fossil fuel money. He broke such a pledge and accepted $430,000.00 of such donations in the 2018 elections. He’s for 3rd trimester abortion and in his role as feminist continued on to state that “it would be very difficult not to select a woman” as running mate. I hope that he wasn’t thinking about Stacey Adams as Joe Biden (not only a white man, but, an old white man) has first dibs on her.

So, we are apparently doomed to have to endure the next 19 months listening to and about Beto. The cable channels cannot seem to leave him alone although he has absolutely no gravitas (remember that), rides around on skateboards (gnarly, man or is that only applicable to surfboards), does YouTubes of getting his teeth cleaned (hopefully he won’t be getting a colonoscopy during the campaign) and when he speaks, flails around like a psychotic marionette.

The question is, with the amounts of campaign money he seems to be able to haul in, both in 2018 (80 million dollars) and currently, who’s pulling his strings.

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