“A Government That Is Big Enough To Give You Everything That You Want, Is Big Enough To Take Everyth

The above quote has been attributed to Thomas Jefferson, but, it couldn’t be more applicable than it is today. As we proceed toward the 2020 presidential election, the Democratic Party’s agenda, other than impeaching Trump or otherwise destroying his presidency, seems to be a promise to give away free stuff. As I write this blog on Saturday, March 2nd, 2019, Bernie Sanders is kicking off his presidential campaign , for 2020, at Brooklyn College. Perhaps, he will explain how his protege’, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, together with her Progressive Caucus, succeeded in causing the City of New York to lose the Amazon deal together with the 25,000 jobs and billions of dollars of commerce that went with it. We’re all ears Bernie. Now, let’s take a look at Medicare for all.

There are a lot of obvious problems with this proposal which is probably the major part of the Green New Deal. However, the biggest danger is that which effects the basic civil and Constitutional rights of American citizens. It is the proposal that government controlled, single payer Medicare will be the only coverage available to the American public and will be coupled with the proposal by Kamala Harris to eliminate the private insurance industry as there will be no need for it. The lack of availability of private insurance and single payer coupled with single source was a hallmark of Hillarycare. In that abominable piece of legislation proposed by the former First lady, former Secretary of State and never to be elected President of the United States and which was read before it was passed with the result that it was rejected by the American people, not only was there no ability to obtain private insurance but, in addition, it would have been against the law to pay a doctor, directly, a cash fee for service.

Any doctor who entered into such activity would suffer professional sanctions. That’s how it would be enforced. Not even European countries that have national health insurance go that far. You can always pay if you want to. The only Americans who could sidestep this mandate would be those wealthy enough to seek medical care in a foreign country.

There’s also a sinister aspect to single payer/single source healthcare and that is the fact a government that has absolute control of an individual’s healthcare enables the government to control that citizen in many other ways. Gun ownership would be a good example. For instance, the government would allow ownership of a firearm, but, would classify it as an inherently dangerous instrumentality (as is an automobile) and require the owner of a gun or guns to pay, let’s say, $5000.00 per year per gun to defray any cost of harm done by such firearm. You can let your imagination run wild on this, because, rest assured that whatever you can think of , the Left is probably already planning on it.

How about cost? This brings me to the subject of death panels. Remember those? The principle applied here is that the bulk of medical care and costs would be applied to those who are in their productive years and are of use to the government. The Progressives of the early 1900’s, including famous Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw postulated that those who could no longer justify their existence to, I guess, some sort of government panel would be elig

ible to be euthanized by what he called “a gentlemanly gas”. I go into this is some detail in my book “America Rising”. The man was a fucking lunatic, but, others of his time held the same beliefs. This philosophy is the provenance of present day thinking of contemporary Progressives. It gives a good deal of insight as to Progressive Democrat support for Planned Parenthood and all that they do. For instance, a newborn baby with treatable defects might be euthanized as a cost-cutting measure. We’re not there yet, but, we’re getting close and if anyone doesn’t understand that, they must have been living in a cave for the past couple of months.

Then, there are the bothersome and expensive elderly folk. Well, as Mr. Obama said or suggested, in response to a question, we can’t afford all the high tech treatment on granny, so, we’ll just give her a pill to alleviate suffering and let nature take its course. Or maybe, we can give her a dose of Mr. Shaw’s “gentlemanly gas” and save the money on the pills. Oh well, whatever works best for the government.

R.I.P. granny.

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