The AOC Express……!

The AOC Express is leaving the station. Get on board. Get out of the way. Or, get run over. I was undecided as to the title for this blog and was going to refer to a deepening rift in the Democratic Party. However, just before I sat down at my computer, I watched the beginning or Elizabeth Warren’s political rally on Saturday, Feb 8th at which time she indicated that she was strongly supporting the “Green New Deal” as are some 60 other Democrats including presidential hopefuls. So, the rift may be closing rather than widening thus giving Ocasio-Cortez and her radical supporters a stronger hand over the next couple of years.

On the day that AOC announced her “Green New Deal” Nancy Pelosi appointed members of the climate change committee and Alexandria the Great did not make the cut. This was seen as a snub by Pelosi. Completely unphased by this and seemingly giving Madam Speaker the middle finger, AOC, on that same day, called for the creation of a special panel to develop comprehensive legislation to address climate change. Although there seems to be developing a series of thrusts, parries and counter-thrusts with no touche’ , the pundits are tending to give Pelosi the advantage. This goes back to what I previously termed. In my book, “the stale orthodoxy of conventional political thinking”. This debate, as with so many others that we hear and see on cable, is framed as some sort of Washington game board restricted to the exclusive participation by those who dwell within the Beltway. The message is that voters, who are never looked at as individuals and independent thinkers, are unwelcome and need not apply. That could change with the result, that on the issue of AOC, many of the debates, analysis and predictions of the pundits, strategists and contributors will be rendered moot. The worst mistake that can ever be made, no matter how confident and skilled one may be, is to underestimate the opposition. Behind AOC’s youthful and wide-eyed innocence and pie-in-the-sky utopian ideology which she tirelessly spurts (the woman is everywhere and in the news daily), lies a ruthless, cunning and destructive politician. Do I exaggerate? Let’s take a look.

In her campaign to be elected to Congress Ocasio-Cortez used racism and identity politics. She has couched climate change as the new World War II, in terms of immorality (thus currying favor with such as Al Gore) and racism (appealing to a wide variety of radical leftist groups). She has also warned that if something is not done within 12 years, the planet Earth will come to an end. Well, not to fear, she has a plan. Her plan The “New Green Deal” saves the Earth in 10 years which gives us 2 years to spare in case any last minute adjustments have to be made. Of course it’s impossible to do all that has to be done both as to cost and as to the physical dynamics. We also have to add in “free” Medicare for all, “free” K through college education for all, guaranteed income for all even for those unwilling to work, open borders and the abolition of immigration enforcement, thus welcoming the needy to come to America and much more. All of this together with the abolition of the energy and many other industries would cause the loss of tens of millions of jobs and with the jobs goes the tax base from which AOC believes she will derive her funding. I could go on and on with this but, I believe, the point is made. However, reality and logic seem to be of no avail.

AOC has a substantial constituency, particularly among young people and ethnic groups, which believes in her and will be a necessary component for the Democrats if they have any hope of winning in 2020. She also has the public backing of a significant number of the Democratic elite including Senator Ed Markey (D-MA) who, even though being an old white man and oozing with privilege, actually believes all of this nonsense. Then, of course, we have Senators Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, Kirsten Gillibrand and last, but, not least , Spartacus, himself, the Honorable Cory Booker who, on this day, totally jumped the shark by embellishing on AOC’s words and comparing the “New Green Deal” to “fighting Nazis”, “the Moon landing” and “the Marshall Plan”. These people, among others, are so desperate to become president that they would say anything even to the point of making utter fools of themselves. I once had a psychology professor who told the class that, in the case of some politicians, the personality traits that motivate them to seek office are the very traits which disqualify them for the job. That should be remembered by all voters in November of 2020.

As for Ms. Ocasio-Cortez, she may be young and her experience may be limited to student, bartender and waitress, but, she has a fire in the belly and remarkable political instincts. Maybe her agenda is the acquisition and consolidation of her own power and the “Green New Deal”, et al, is just a vehicle to that end. The danger is that she will resort to what I believe she really is and become a community organizer and a street agitator on a national scale in order to elevate her own political position and fracture, not only the Democratic Party, but, the country as a whole in doing so. There is already the machinery in place to accomplish this in the form of Black Lives Matter, Antifa and others, just waiting in the wings. It only takes a relatively small number of people to cause a massive problem. And what of Mr. Obama? Is he sitting back watching all of this with great satisfaction and looking to jump in at the opportune time, using AOC, as a conduit, to advance the cause of Michelle Obama as the only Democratic presidential candidate with the skills and authenticity to continue the radical Leftist agenda of the fundamental transformation of America?

How’s that for a nutty conspiracy theory? But, let me go back to my August 18th, 2018 blog on AOC. During that period people were making fun of Ocasio-Cortez, calling her Occasional-Cortex and suggesting that Mr. Ed wants his teeth back. I don't think that they’re laughing now. If they are, it’s a laugh of anxiety as they watch the AOC Express gain momentum each and every day. Ocasio-Cortez is leaving everybody in the dust. She already has begun retaining her professional hacks, one of whom is Robert Hockett, who appeared on the Tucker Carlson show this past week and told us not to believe our lying eyes and ears and that what comes out of AOC’s mouth, or her office, doesn’t mean what it says or is being misunderstood by the public. Carlson was much too polite to him. Today, Sunday, February 10th, 2019. Maria Bartiromo interviewed Senator Lindsey Graham who indicated that the new conditions of the border security agreement provided for a reduction for the funding of ICE and fewer beds in detention centers which would result in the release of violent criminals into American society. He observed that these provisions had AOC’s fingerprints all over them. Later in that show, a Democratic politician was relegated to the task of explaining and justifying Ocasio-Cortez’s policies and agenda like a well-trained puppy dog. And the AOC Express increases its political passenger list.

All aboard?

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