The Wall

Walls have been built and walls work. They work in Hungary, Israel and in the United States they work on the southern border in El Paso, Yuma and San Diego. So, the Left, led by Nancy Pelosi, is lying and they know it. This is provable by facts.

Enter Progressive Plan B where Pelosi declares that walls are “immoral”, a statement wherein she has asserted herself as being infallible in the dogma of political morality (if there is such a thing) much as the Pope is infallible as to establishing and interpreting the dogma of the Roman Catholic Church. Speaking of the Catholic Church, Sister Nancy a about as good a political moralist as she is a practicing Catholic which she claims to be. I was raised a Catholic (in the days when it was a mortal sin to eat meat on Fridaay) and taught by the nuns. If my memory serves me correctly and it does, it is

my decided opinion that when Saint Nancy the Pure shuffle’s off her mortal coil, she will be cast into the everlasting fires of Hell. But, I digress. Back to the Wall.

The Wall is not being presented as the sole solution. It will be part of a border security system to prevent crossings, in some spots and to create “choke points” in other spots in order to make it more feasible for the Border Patrol to apprehend illegals. The Left has mentioned “technology” as the solution, but only in non-specific talking points without detailing what technology, how it would work and why it would be superior to a Wall.

The latest obstacle thrown down by the Left is getting everybody caught up in whether or not Trump promised a “concrete Wall” and that a steel Wall a betrayal. This nonsense was invoked during a January 4th, 2019 press conference in a question asked by the lovely and gracious Kaitlan Collins of CNN who I thought for a moment was going to pull a Jim Acosta when an intern came to take the microphone from her. How about using a term that I saw on Google the other day and calling it a “border separation”.

Just before I sat down to write this blog I read of a fireman’s son killed in a head-on collision caused by another illegal alien with no driver’s license or insurance.

I can only conclude the when it comes to death of innocent Americans, Nancy Pelosi, her colleagues and her enablers on cable and in the Main Stream Media, just don't give a damn.

#Immigration #Wall #SouthernBorder #IllegalImmigration

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