The Incredible Shrinking Woman?

So, on this day, Trump agreed to open the government for 3 weeks without condition and with no money for the border wall. Immediately, pundits declared Nancy Pelosi the winner. I don’t think so. It is my belief that as time passes, in the short term, Pelosi will demonstrate that she is unwilling and unable to govern. She has become nothing more than a foot soldier of the “Resistance” and is being held a political hostage by the extreme Progressive Left and the Democratic Socialists. She knows that the Democrats will need the vote of the followers of these two groups in the 2020 elections and she dare not alienate them. This is also why she has engineered the appointment of AOC to the House Oversight Committee and the House Financial Services Committee, Rashida Tlaib to the House Oversight Committee and Ilham Omar to the Education/Farm Labor Committee and the Foreign Affairs Committee. All three of the aforementioned just have to open their mouths to illustrate that they are not worthy nor sufficiently competent to deserve such appointments. It was, by Pelosi, the ultimate in political pandering without any thought, whatsoever, to the damage that these people could do to the country. I believe that this trend will continue as the more moderate, establishment Democrats are rapidly losing their influence on the party.

So, that’s what I think. It will not take too long to see if I’m right or wrong.

#NancyPelosi #smallmindedpolotician

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