Bernie Sanders Had An Epiphany Moment A Little Too Late...

U.S. Senator Sanders seems to be having second thoughts about how the political Left in this country defines diversity. He observes that his opponents on that issue think “that all we need is people who are candidates who are black or Latino or woman or gay, regardless of what they stand for, that the end result is diversity”. Well Bernie, you’re a little late out of the starting gate. You and the rest of your ilk have continually used identity politics as your standard practice. It used to be called “The Rainbow Coalition” and extends back at least 35 years. The result is that the 2018 election has turned your phony big tent into a three ring circus. Granted, it is Democratic voters who put the candidates in office. However, the Party sets the stage by pandering to and encouraging Leftist identity politics. So, the Democratic Party relies not on a large cohesive base but, rather, on a significant number of special interest groups, black, females, illegal aliens (who may vote or are used to effect the vote), Latinos, Millenials, Muslims, LBGT members, environmentalists, animal rights groups, pro-abortionists, etc., all of whom have to be placated and where some are in discord with others. If the Democratic Party loses even a small percentage of any number of these groups, they are at risk in an election. This policy draws a number of candidates who, at best, can be called unsavory and at worst, downright dangerous. Case in point is the newly elected member of Congress, Ilhan Omar (D-MN). So, who is she?

Well, Congresswoman Omar was born in Mogadishu, Somalia and spent her early years in Baydhabo, Somalia. At the age of 10 her family fled the 1991 civil war in Somalia and spent 4 years in a refugee camp in Kenya, after which the family settled as refugees in the United States. She is a member of the Minnesota Democratic-farmer-labor Party. Their platform is a mixed bag. It starts off with a declaration that “The family farm is the keystone of our society and must be protected”. The proclamations then range from what seem to be capitalist to socialist to globalist. Anyone who cares to read it can Google it.

How much Omar adheres to this platform is questionable because, although it provides for “Israel’s righto exist within secure borders”, on November 16, 2012 Omar tweeted the following:

“Israel has hypnotized the world, may Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel.”

She also backs the Palestinian led movement of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BSD) against Israel. It calls for boycotting Israeli goods, universities and cultural institutions and divesting from companies that provide vital equipment to the Israeli military and urging countries to slap sanctions on Israel.

She also exhibited her disdain for gays by using homosexuality as a basis for alleging a blackmail conspiracy by Trump against Senator Lindsey Graham. But, the Mad Muslim of Mogadishu was not through. No indeed; not by a longshot.

In January of 2019 she spread fake news by attacking the Covington students and accusing them of making statements ridiculing rape victims. Of course, this was false. However it did say something about the possibility that the freshman representative has a disdain for Christians, in general and Catholics, in particular.

Before I wrote this blog, I thought that I would take one more look at the Internet to see what else Ms. Omar might have been up to before she became a well known person of infamy. She did not disappoint. The headline in, dated January 27, 2019 reads, “Left-wing Ilhan Omar faces backlash over effort to gain leniency for 9 men accused of trying to join Isis”. At least one of them, Abdirahman Yasin Daud and perhaps all of them were fellow countrymen of Omar. As a Minnesota state lawmaker at the time, our new member of the United States Congress pled for leniency for the group, sending the following letter to the court:

“The best deterrent to fanaticism is a system is a system of compassion. We must alter our

attitude and approach; if we truly want to affect change, we should refocus our efforts on

inclusion and rehabilitation. A long- term prison sentence for one who chose violence to combat

direct marginalization is a statement that our justice system misunderstands the guilty.”

On its surface it seems the height of arrogance for someone like Omar, who spent her formative years in the bowels of backward countries such as Somalia and Kenya to come here as a refugee and lecture to us on how the greatest Western civilization on Earth should conduct its justice system. She would do well to shut up, sit back, observe and learn. But, this was not what her letter was about. It was a letter from an Islamist to see if she could influence a court to favor 9 Muslim terrorists. The court wouldn’t buy into her bullshit but, apparently, the voters of her Minnesota district did. It is certain that she will use her position in Congress to continue her agenda.

Lest I forget, Omar has indicated that she will challenge the 181 year old ban on hats or head coverings in Congress. She will assert her right to wear her hijab in the chambers. Funny thing about the hijab, from what I have read, it does not seem to be mandatory. In fact Saudi Prince Mohammed Bin Salman recently announced that Arabia is going to relax rules on the wearing of the hijab. In England, a couple of years ago, it was asserted that the hijab was more in the nature of a fashion/political statement worn by young women who went clubbing and wore the head garment, not really as a religious requirement but, instead, to distinguish themselves as Muslims apart from the traditional western citizens of the country. Ilhan Omar has a bad track record as to her attitude towards America and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better. But, she epitomizes the cost of blind allegiance to diversity.

Sorry Bernie, forget about closing the barn door. The horse is long gone.

#islam #america

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