The Chicken Hawks Are At It Again

Trump announces a withdrawal from Syria and an eventual withdrawal from Afghanistan and here come the naysayers accusing Trump of everything from putting America in the crosshairs of another 911 attack to giving Putin a gift. Each person has their own version why war is necessary or why war is good or why peace is not the absence of war. This, of course, is mostly said by those whose greatest daily risk is getting through city traffic on their way to some television studio so that they can spread their globalist and military/industrial complex bullshit.

I remember way back during our war with the Taliban in Afghanistan arising out of 911. We allied with the Northern Alliance to defeat the Taliban. One news report had a correspondent interviewing a U.S. combat officer. In response to a question, the soldier indicated, with some frustration, that the Northern Alliance really didn’t want to win (whatever that meant) they just wanted to fight. There was and is no end game in Afghanistan because we broke the cardinal rules which were set out as a result of the Vietnam War. You must define victory and you must avoid “mission creep”. In Afghanistan we forgot what we were there for and decided to embark on a program of nation building in a country of people who do not share our culture nor our value system. And now in Syria we’re bogged down in a regional and civil war. Just as I was preparing to write this blog I saw a news story where Syrian women were complaining about the fact that it will be impossible to rebuild Syria without their young men, many of whom joined the migration to Europe in order to escape military service. You can’t fight for a country that won’t fight for itself.

In Syria, the goal was to destroy Isis. This is the definition of victory in that country. We have effectively done that. You will never destroy Isis, or whatever name it goes under, because it is an idea held by a good portion of the 1.6 billion Muslims who inhabit this planet. Trump has kept one of the promises that he was elected on and invoked both of the standards set out after Vietnam.

So, what’s the problem?


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