A Reminder

Lest we forget, in the midst of all the present rancor about the barrier on the southern wall, it seems to have been forgotten that the Democrats were going to allow a relatively unspecified number of migrants (maybe tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands) from the Middle East and North Africa into the United States. These are the people who are in the process of destroying the Western Democracies of Europe. Trump’s election stopped that, at least for now. But, the policy remains as can be deduced by the open borders crowd who tell us that anyone who wants to come to the United States should be able to do so. Which brings me to an interesting study that I happened upon and provides some food for thought.

There was a report on a Gallup Poll by Jon Clifton done in April 20th, 2012 and titled “150 Million Adults Worldwide Would Migrate To The U.S.” The article read, in part:

“ WASHINGTON, D.C. --- About 13% of the world’s adults – or more than 640 million people – say they would leave their country permanently. Roughly 150 million of them say they would like to move to the U.S. – giving it the undisputed title as the world’s most desired destination for potential migrants since Gallup started tracking these patterns in 2007.’

The question asked and never answered by open borders activists is where they draw the line on immigration. The above stats included a number of countries including China and I

ndia, but the Leftist position on open borders seems to focus on those coming from our south and being Hispanic. Should the border be shut down for the rest of the world and only allow the chosen few to enter for political expediency? That would, on its face be racist by the Left’s own definition of that word. So, what about the rest of the world. Should we increase our population of 350 million by another 150 million within a short period of time? This is the logical conclusion if the stated ideologically driven agenda is followed. Or, is the Left really not that compassionate and simply lying about their real agenda.

The question should be asked until it is answered. Which, of course, it will never be.


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