Some Inconvenient Truths

We’re coming out of the devastating California forest fires with the body count somewhere around 88 and many souls still missing. So, it might be a good idea to go over a few things for future reference.

There can be no doubt that there was an absence of effective forestry management because of the demands of the radical, left wing environmentalists. Mature trees were not allowed to be cut down in a controlled way and replaced by new ones. This would be in the nature of timber farming by the industry. Dead trees, in the tens of millions, were not removed. Dead brush was not cleared. The construction of access roads into the forests to accommodate vehicles (such as fire- fighting equipment) was prohibited. In addition, although people were allowed to build homes too far into the wilderness (you’re too far into the wilderness when you have coyotes strolling around your swimming pool deck) they were prevented from cutting a clearing around their houses to provide a fire break. So, Mother Nature didn’t like what her forest was turning into and decided that she would clear away all that dead wood and make way for healthy growth and a revitalization of the woodlands. You can talk about climate change and draught all you want, but, the fact remains that if the forest wasn’t in the condition that it was in, it wouldn’t have burned the way that it did. We are told that it’s about CO2, habitat, saving the planet, etc. Okay, let’s take a look.

Living trees scrub the air of CO2 by means of respiration (the process of photosynthesis). As has been stated above, in the forest that burned to the ground destroying billions of dollars of property, taking human life as well as wildlife, some 120 to 130 million trees and countless acres of dead underbrush were not cleared. As the living tree takes in CO2 and sequesters it, it replenishes oxygen to the atmosphere during the life of the tree. When the tree dies, the sequestered CO2 is slowly released back into the atmosphere and such release increases as the tree decomposes. Thus, the tens of millions of dead trees became dispensers of CO2 into the Earth’s atmosphere. Once the forest fires took hold to rapidly destroy the dead trees as well as the living ones, which were sequestering CO2, all bets were off as to the release rate of the gas. That’s not to mention the occurrence of toxic air pollution from the billowing smoke affecting areas not involved in the fire itself, loss of habitat providing home to the fauna and devastating mudslides due to lack of vegetation needed to anchor the soil. Not so good.

But, that’s what happens when decisions are not the result of rational thinking based on empirical data but, rather, on a false ideology. However, we needn’t worry as within the next few hundred years the forest will replenish itself and will be filled with life. That’s only a fraction of the blink of an eye in geological time. Then Mother Nature will sit back and wait for humans to do something stupid, again.

Actually, she won’t have to wait. As I was preparing this blog, a news article caught my eye. It seems that a group of scientists had a plan to dim the amount of sunlight which reached the Earth by launching sulfate particles into the lower stratosphere. The old girl must have fallen off her chair laughing at that one. I’m sure she can hardly wait.

As I considered the above, in particular the forest fires, my thoughts went to a somewhat related topic, that being the second Amendment (the right to keep and bear arms). Perhaps the anti-gun extremists would, in light of the fires and other disasters which occur from time to time, give some thought to the fact that there are periods, even in America, when civilization is temporarily suspended and we are on our own in having to survive and protect ourselves, our families and our possessions.

I am, however, afraid that such realities and practical considerations escape those who worship at the altar of Democratic Socialism and Left Wing Progressivism.

Considering the above, especially the fires, brought me to a somewhat related topic, that being the Second amendment.

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