The Lunatics Are Running One-Third Of The Asylum

And so it begins.

As Nancy Pelosi made her post-midterm election remarks about campaign finance reform and a promise to go forward with constructive policies on behalf of the American people, Beto O’Rourke, Democratic candidate for a Senate seat from Texas was just coming off a defeat to Ted Cruz after spending a reported 70 million dollars on his campaign.

In addition, Representative Jerrold “Jerry” Nadler (D-NY) announced that he intended to use the Democratic House Majority to open additional, personal investigations of Trump and to commence impeachment proceedings against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Then, heeding to the call of such irresponsible politicians as Cory Booker and Maxine Waters to disrupt the lives of Trump supporters or anyone else that is in conflict with the Progressive Left, Antifa showed up at the house of Fox News cable show host, Tucker Carlson, during which time they terrorized his wife who was home alone and damaged his front door. Antifa seems to have assumed the position of the Democratic Party’s version of the Weather Underground which was Bill Ayer’s (Obama’s political mentor in the early years) terrorist organization that was a faction of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) and did their dirty work for them.

Then we have Bernie Sanders, referring to candidates Gillum (FL) AND Abrams (GA), saying that “midterms show many whites made uncomfortable voting for black candidates”. The Left also accused white women of anti-black voting practices. Egyptian-American journalist Mona Eltahawy said that “white women are the foot soldiers of the patriarchy.

Last, but, certainly not least, Pajama Boy Jim Acosta of CNN got into a verbal dustup with the President during a White House press conference and refused to relinquish the microphone. When a young female intern, in doing her job, walked over to Acosta and reached for the microphone, the video showed that Mr. Acosta physically touched her as he brushed away her arm. This was an unprivileged touching and constituted a battery under civil common law. Truly masculine gentlemen who respect women don’t engage in such behavior. However, it might be noted that the radical sisterhood seemed unconcerned about Jimmy’s act of toxic masculinity.

All of this within 3 days after the midterms and we have some 730 days to go until the 2020 presidential election. I don’t see any indication that cooler heads on the Left will prevail. I will not be surprised to see if some Dems, who have not bought into the insanity, finally get a bellyful of the disgrace that their party has become and jump to the Republican Party.

We will see how things play out.

#Communism #madpoliticians #trump #president #congress #pressconference

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