Manny, Snap Out Of It!

During the Armistice Day centennial observance held in Paris, French President Emmanuel Macron went on a tear against the concept of Nationalism, wrongfully conflating it with Hyper-Nationalism of the kind practiced by Nazi Germany in their attempt at world conquest. He also incorrectly stated that “Nationalism is a betrayal of Patriotism” and of course it is no such thing. He further suggested that Nationalism was a philosophy which put one’s country first to the exclusion of the wellbeing of all others. Mr. Macron should be reminded that during the First and Second World Wars America had leaders who were Nationalists and America did not abandon the world. To the contrary, we were instrumental in saving it. I guess Macron must not have noticed the graves of the brave Americans which were close by as he spoke and hasn’t been told of the American cemetery in Normandy near Omaha Beach. Maybe our clueless French President is unaware of the Marshall Plan (European Recovery Plan) in which the United States gave over 12 billion dollars (100 billion in 2016 dollars) in economic assistance to Western Europe to help rebuild their economies. Perhaps, Manny has never read about the French Resistance composed of those who were driven by Nationalism to exercise their Patriotism (the French President doesn’t seem to grasp the fact that these two concepts are not mutually exclusive) and risked their lives in the fight against the Nazi occupiers. I’m sure that they didn’t give their all so that some globalist pipsqueak like Macron could relinquish French sovereignty and hand the country over to the EU lock, stock and barrel. Oh, did I mention the fact that America and its allies liberated France so that Manny could have a country to be president of. I heard surprise from some cable anchors that Macron could take this position. But, why? We had a man in the White House for 8 years preceding Trump who was in perfect sync with Macron. Obama was not a Nationalist. He never believed that America was exceptional and thought of himself as a citizen of the world and more of a global leader rather than an American president.

But, maybe we should not concern ourselves with Macron and let the French citizens deal with him. He could, for instance, test the popularity of his globalist philosophy by turning French sovereignty over to the EU country thought by many to be the power in the EU; that would be Germany. He could then move the French capitol from Paris to Vichy.

Oh, I forgot. That’s been done before.

#Trump #France #Globalism #Nationalism

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