Is Blofeld Up To His Old Tricks?

Ernst Stavro Blofeld, who now goes by the innocuous and less exotic name, known and loved by the Progressive Democrats, of George Soros, seems to be at it again. But, unlike as in days gone by, our arch-villain no longer is in association with such evil institutions as SMERSH and Spectre. No indeed, he now works through a much more dark and insidious network,, whose tentacles reach out much farther than is commonly known.

Many of us saw the spectacle of Senator Jeff Flake in meltdown as he stood in an elevator being screamed at by some leftist lunatic concerning the Brett Kavanaugh hearing. But, little did we know, at the time, that this wasn’t just some ordinary lunatic, it was a lunatic allegedly sponsored by a non-profit, called Center for Popular Democracy which is a Soros funded organization.

Soros funded MoveOn also threatened direct action against Brett Kavanaugh during the Senate Confirmation Hearings. Will Mr. Soros and his operatives continue its campaign, in lockstep with the Democrats, to undermine Justice Kavanaugh now that he is on the bench?

And what of the Caravan of migrants that are heading toward the U.S, as this blog is being written? Speculation is that it may be, at least in part, Soros funded. Speculation maybe, but, not unlikely.

And so it continues, the plotting by our evil Blofeld to diminish or destroy national currencies, eliminate sovereign borders, to fundamentally transform America or any other Western Democracy that proves to be an obstacle to his road to absolute power and to turn the globe into one big third world nation where he and others like him can reign supreme. Ian Fleming couldn’t have written it better.

007, where are you?

#Blofeld #WolrdDomination

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