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Social Justice

New York City School Chancellor Richard Carranza, is implementing a diversity (ah, there’s that word again) campaign in which 18 schools will prioritize black and Hispanic students and that’s just the beginning. There is a presently approved plan in District 13 (The Upper West side) to reserve 25 percent of seats in 16 middle schools for low income students who also perform poorly in tests and in classrooms.

The plan calls for the elimination of academic-based admissions criteria at 16 middle schools with 52 percent of seats reserved for low income English learning and homeless students. It’s the new bussing (remember that?) rationalized with a new lexicon, some calling it an “organic” approach to diversity. You can call it what you want. It is doomed to failure, but, not before it causes chaos and harm in the schools where it is applied.

The upscale parents of the districts, probably mostly white and political Progressives, are in a frenzy over the whole thing. Well, that’s just too damned bad. What should the citizens of New York City expect when they have De Blasio as a mayor, Cuomo as a governor and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, a Democratic Socialist, winning the Democratic Primary for New York City’s 14th Congressional District.

To all New York voters, city and state alike, this is what Social Justice looks like. Maybe you’d like to give this and some of your other leftist ideological beliefs a re-think.

Words mean things.

#sjw #socialjusticewaarriors #socialjustice #Communism #PostModernism

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