A Perfect Storm Is Coming

The 2018 Midterms are right around the corner. Two basic things can happen. The Democrats can win back Congress or the Republicans can maintain their majority. There are some permutations of these two possibilities, but, for our immediate purposes let’s keep it simple.

If the Democrats win Congress, even by a slight margin at least in the House, they will proceed to bring impeachment proceedings, not only against Trump, but also against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Maxine Waters, herself, has just vowed to give Kavanaugh no peace and will attempt to lead the way to inflict political harm to the Court and thus to effect its function. This is a very dangerous and harmful threat to the very essence of the Court. I would guess that based on past performance by Waters et al that physical confrontation against selected justices is also in the playbook of the Democratic leadership and their far leftist supporters and lackeys in Antifa, Black Lives Matter and the radical feminists.

If the Republicans win it will mean that the violence and the physically threatening personal and in your face confrontations, which under the law are actually assaults, will increase exponentially over the two years running up to the 2020 presidential election. The radical Progressives know that if they lose that one, they are done. It will mean that the people of America will have chosen the path that they wish the country to follow, that is the path of the application of American foundational principles, the law and the Constitution and not the path of anarchy, violence, destruction, Democratic Socialism and the Fundamental Transformation of the country. The Progressives will have failed once and for all and their century old quest for power will have been crushed.

But the fight is not over because if the Progressives discover that they cannot rule this country, they will choose to burn it down.

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