The Un-Spartacus

Spartacus (111-71 BC) was a Thracian gladiator who, along with the Gauls Crixus, Gannicus, Castus and Oenomaus, was one of the escaped slave leaders in the Third Servile War, a major slave uprising against the Roman Empire.

Cory Booker (4/27/1969 – to be determined AD) is a member of Congress, a Democratic Senator from the State of New Jersey, a bottom-feeding inhabitant of the Washington Swamp and a dishonest politician extraordinaire. No selfless hero, he.

During the Senate Judiciary Hearings for Brett Kavanaugh, Mr. Booker went on a rant about how he was going to take it upon himself and in violation of senate Rules, to release what he represented as a damning e mail against Kavanaugh. This, he declared would be his Spartacus Moment where he would risk everything, ala Colin Kaepernick, in doing so. He would throw himself upon his sword in all of his magnificence for the world to see and collectively think “what a guy”. Okay, let’s hold it a second and rewind.

It seems that the good senator was engaged in a cheap political stunt as it was disclosed that the e mail had been released, no longer was confidential and Cory The Brave was well aware of that fact. In reality, he used the people’s time to engage in a hoax to help rev up his base for a possible run in the 2020 presidential election. There is an old adage and a very true one. “Time is money”. The people’s time which Booker wasted for his own political gain has a value and that value should be determined based on time expended and multiplied by the number of network and cable outlets over which it was broadcast. Upon a determination of value, a demand should be made of our would be Spartacus that he deposit monies in that amount into the Treasury of the United States.

That’s what should happen, but, it won’t.

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