The Three Faces Of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez

Amid the political rancor of the day a new name and a new face has appeared on the horizon, that of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. She is young, overflowing with enthusiasm and has a physical beauty with the looks that show the politically correct ethnic mix for what she says is her agenda. She is perfect with maximum visual appeal. The Democratic Socialists could have gotten her out of central casting and these days optics is very important, maybe even more important than what a candidate says. She immediately became the darling of the extreme Left after she knocked off her opponent and establishment favorite Joseph Crowley in the Democratic Primary for New York’s 14th House District, a race in which she was not above using race (Mr. Crowley’s "Whiteness") as a weapon. But, what does she stand for or, at least, what does she say she stands for?

In a recent speech, at the end of the week of July 16th, 2018, our young firebrand called for civil disobedience in the form of occupying all ICE offices, borders and U.S. airports; “Occupy all of it” she said. My goodness, she’s sort of a community organizer, isn’t she. Hmmmm.

She also advocated the following:

  • Abolishing ICE

  • Medicare for all (estimated to cost 32 TRILLION dollars over 10 years)

  • A universal jobs guarantee

  • Free education for all

  • Abolition of capitalism (and I suppose the abolition or removal of capitalists)

  • Abolition of private property

  • Confiscatory taxes

  • A guaranteed living wage

  • Free passage at our borders

  • As a sop to the LGBT gang she prefers to be called the gender neutral Latinx, not Latina

So, the new princess of the extreme Progressive Left has called for lawlessness bordering on anarchy, has promised more than could ever be delivered even if laws were passed taxing every dollar of income at 100% and all private property was confiscated. It might be noteworthy to mention that even though she has called for Trump’s impeachment, she is unable to state the grounds for doing so ( I saw the interview).

But, not to be too tough on her, maybe she’s just an uninformed and undereducated kid still, as they say, wet behind the ears, who genuinely believes that a Socialist utopia can be attained, that what she preaches will create that utopia and that we will all live happily ever after. But, maybe that’s not the case at all. Maybe there’s something much more to the dreams of Ms. Cortez.

Her mother believes that one day her daughter will be president. Perhaps, that’s what Alexandria aspires to. She has already exhibited some of the negative instincts of a politician concerning misleading statements about her background and receiving some amounts of campaign money, although small, from Wall Street and corporate sources. She inserted race into her campaign and has resorted to the use of ethnic and identity politics and has recently stated that voting for Democrats is like freeing the slaves. So what motivates our young heroine?

Perhaps she has visions of one day standing on the balcony not of the Pink House as was done by another famous lady of history some seventy years ago in a faraway place called Argentina but, rather on the balcony of the White House listening to her "Descamisados" chant, VIVA ALEXANDRIA!, VIVA ALEXANDRIA!, as Ocasio Cortez stands there mesmerized, reveling in the headiness and glow of adulation as the intoxicating drug of absolute power courses through her veins. VIVA ALEXANDRIA! they continue until the afternoon grows late and dusk begins to fall. Finally, the loyal masses begin to leave exhausted, in part, from the expenditure of emotional energy and in part from malnutrition. So, they return to their towns and cities which have turned to slums to wait out the days until they can line up for their meager rations of food and drinking water.

As a further thought, Ms. Cortez has some disturbing policies including the abolition of capitalism and prison reform (more like prison abolition) which are similar to those preached

by another lady of history, this one more infamous than famous. Her name is Angela Yvonne Davis. “She is an American political activist, academic and author. She emerged as a prominent counter-culture activist in the 1960’s working with Communist Party USA of which she was a member until 1991 and was involved very briefly in the Black Panther Party during the Civil Rights Movement” (Wikipedia). Like Bill Ayers she has found a home in academia and is professor emeritus at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

But, as to the above, maybe not. Maybe the young lady has a good heart and means well. However, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”. Cortez is gravely misguided and her ideology is fatally flawed and dangerous. So, we will see.

Meanwhile, she and others like her are not to be underestimated and anyone who applies the stale orthodoxy of ordinary political standards to her such as the gaffs on Israel/Palestine, confusing red states with blue or her lack of knowledge on the subject of macro-economics are fools. Her supporters DON’T CARE. They love their Alexandria.

They love their EVITA!

#DemocraticSocialism #Communism #ExtremeLeft #AlexandriaOcasioCortez

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