The Denigration, Demonization & Dehumanization Of Political Opposition By The Left

People associate the term Helter Skelter with the late Charlie Manson. But, at its essence, Helter Skelter was all about dividing the country and plunging it into a civil war of race and ideology with the acquisition of power being the prize. That idea has never died.

Although there was some name-calling, the defining moment which marked the formal beginning of the denigration, dehumanization and demonization, by the Left, of its political opposition and those that support it, probably occurred when Hillary Clinton called Trump supporters a “basket of deplorables”. This came among the litany of attacks which had been standard fare for the Left, including labeling Conservatives as Nazis, Fascists, Xenophobes, Islamophobes, Racist and more. These terms became almost generic in nature because they were so overused. They were also factually unprovable and lost any and all meaningful credibility, at least to people who had an intellect and were capable of rational and logical thought.

But, even that soon grew stale and wasn’t enough. So, we went into the demonization of Trump et al. This, in part, consisted of accusing Trump of being treasonous and a traitor. It was said that Trump was evil and that it was okay to harass, confront and verbally abuse those in his government anywhere anytime even in their homes with their children present. They would not be allowed to lead peaceful lives. Of course, some of this so called “verbal” confrontation is so aggressive that it amounts to a civil assault against the victim or target. Those that let it be known, in public, that they are Trump supporters are threatened and have crimes committed against them.

Jim Carrey, the actor, did a drawing of Trump devouring children. Such a graphic representation is analogous, in its intent, to the blood libel accusations by the radical Islamists against the Jews making them worthy of extermination. But, it doesn’t stop there.

Politico’s Marc Caputo, in referring to Trump supporters who attended an early August, 2018

Trump rally in Tampa, Florida called them “toothless, garbage people” because of the way that they behaved towards Jim Acosta of CNN. They May have been ill-mannered, but, they are not “garbage”, although that is probably Mr. Caputo’s opinion of Trump supporters no matter how they behave. Of course garbage is unwanted; it fouls the environment and you must dispose of it. Perhaps this is what our friend from Politico had in mind. Mr. Caputo tried to walk his comments back as seems to be the favorite thing to do these days. But, no, Mr. Caputo, you can’t unring the bell. You have stated who you are and what you think.

Chris Matthews, commenting on the attendees of another Trump rally, suggested that they were “dog-trained”. This is another dangerous comment which dehumanizes the Trump supporters and makes it easier for the haters, who belong to the Progressive Left, to engage in violence.

As hateful as Carrey, Caputo and Matthews may be, they are rank amateurs compared to Sarah Jeong. If there was some sort of literature award for the expression of ignorance and hatred, Ms. Jeong would be the winner by a very wide margin. She tweeted, among other things:

“Dumbass fucking white people marking up the Internet with their opinions like dogs pissing on fire hydrants.”

Or if that one didn’t raise your consciousness to new heights of intellectual inspiration and awareness, how about this one?

“Are white people genetically predisposed to burn faster in the sun, thus logically being only fit to live underground like groveling goblins”.

Myself, I prefer the first Tweet. But, that’s just one goblin’s opinion.

But, Sarah was not through. No shrinking violet, she. Jeong tweeted about the killing of white men in a number of tweets and her enjoyment of being cruel to old white men. She also graced us with some foul-mouthed vitriol as to the police as well as white women. For all of this she was rewarded with a position on the editorial board of the New York Times which came up with a number of defenses as to why Jeong should not be held answerable for her extreme racism. She has a right to her point of view. She does not have the right to hold a position of influence on the editorial board of a major publication.

All of this and not a peep from the Main Stream Media or, even worse, nothing from the Democratic leadership to call Sarah Jeong to task. This was racist hate speech at its worst and was compounded by being a call to violence. The reaction, or, non-reaction illustrates what the MSM and the Democratic Party are all about. These people don’t care that some of this rhetoric has already given rise to violence; almost taking the life of a Republican Congressman. All seems to be okay with the Democrats if it allows them to regain power. As the saying goes, you have to break some eggs to make the omelette. It seems with the Democrats that it’s also fine if you break a few heads along the way, as well. The big question which is posed by all of the above in this blog is, if these people burn with such hatred, how will they behave towards their political opposition should they regain the levers of power. Even if the Republicans succeed in the 2018 Midterms and reaffirm Trump, there will be no peace. In fact the desperation of the Democrats will cause the insanity and violence to increase exponentially.

As my book “America Rising” postulates, Helter Skelter never went away. It merely lay dormant until the time was right. From the perspective of the Democrats, the time is right. For the Democrats the time is NOW!

#HelterSkelter #PostModernism #AltLeft #DemocraticSocialism #Communism

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