Who Knows The Evil That Lurks In The Heart Of Man?

No, that would not be The Shadow, that would be Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) according to his recent rant against Brett Kavanaugh supporters. Elizabeth Warren joined in by saying that theirs is the “moral position” on issues. But, Booker went a bit further.

Much like Nancy Pelosi who talked about MS-13 members having a spark of divinity and Maxine Waters suggesting that she was sent by God to rid the country of Trump, the Most Reverend Cory decided that he was going to give us a little bit of that old time religion. He proceeded to cite Psalm 23 and told us that in considering Judge Kavanaugh for nomination as a Supreme Court Justice, we as a nation were walking through the valley of death. It’s amazing that a man with so much hate in his heart would cloak himself with the Bible.

But given that he is a Progressive Democrat, perhaps it’s not so amazing after all.

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