The Dishonorable Peter Strzok Rogue FBI Agent Radical Ideologue & All-Around Bad Boy

So, there sat our hero Pete, at a Congressional Hearing during a couple of days at the end of the business week of June 9th, 2018, oozing and dripping an arrogance and self-righteousness not seen since the Nuremberg Trials. And the show goes on, but, nothing seems to really get done. A few observations, if, I may.

He has been labeled as a political partisan and as biased, but, he is more, much more. He is a radical ideologue. To himself, he is Saint Peter the Virtuous, a super patriot bordering on the delusional, on a mission from God, that is if he believes in God, who has been sent to Earth to save America from Trump supporters which is, in his mind, our nation’s original sin. But, Strzok is neither righteousness nor virtuous. He is dangerous. He is very dangerous. So, what can be done about the irrepressible Mr. Strzok?

Well, perhaps his main squeeze, that would be former FBI lawyer Lisa Page, will rat him out. If not, we can take a look at standards generally applied when seeking remedies for alleged crimes committed.

First of all, Agent Strzok, along with others, had the means, motive and opportunity to craft, control, discontinue or create investigations against Hillary Clinton and/or Donald Trump. Was this done? It appears that it was.

Next is to show that there was an intent to damage Trump and to vindicate Hillary thus clearing the way for a Clinton victory in the 2016 presidential election. How can we do this? We do this by showing state of mind or intent. Is there evidence of state of mind or intent to suggest that Strzok, et al, acted in a nefarious way? The answer is yes. Such is contained in the statements and emails by and between Federal Agent Strzok, Former FBI Laweyer Lisa Page and other parties in question. All of the above is called circumstantial evidence and is perfectly valid to establish probable cause and to obtain a conviction.

It’s time to 86 the Congressional dog and pony show that’s going on right now. It may make good theatre, but, it has been proven to be ineffective as to ultimate results. We need criminal referrals, indictments, prosecutions and hopefully convictions, without further delay.

#PeterStrzok #DisgracedFBIAgent

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