Ship of Fools

In medieval times, court entertainers were called fools. Enter Robert De Niro who, earlier this week, at the Tony Awards, went into one of his foul-mouthed tirades against Donald Trump just twenty four hours before Trump went on the world stage at the Singapore Summit. The name calling was just that and was devoid of any meaningful thought, whatsoever. That fact didn’t, however, prevent the lemmings in the audience

(Mr. De Niro’s colleagues) from giving him a standing ovation thus proving that they are as mindless as he is. Trump tweeted a response calling De Niro “Punchy”. A guest on the Tucker Carlson Show added to that by calling De Niro “Uncle Punchy”. I prefer “Uncle Punchy”, myself. In light of all this and in spite of it, the Democrats have decided to board this ship of fools by announcing that they will turn to Hollywood to win over middle class voters. This speaks to how morally and politically bankrupt and how desperate the Democratic Party has become.

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