Is It Time For Operation ECOMCON?(Emergency COMunications CONtrol)

In response to President Trump’s remarks in July of 2018, as to the U.S. Intelligence Community, Representative Steven Cohen (D-TN) seemed to call for a military coup to overthrow Trump. He said: “Where are our military folks? The Commander in Chief is in the hands of our enemy”. Perhaps Mr. Cohen was hallucinating and was confusing himself with the person of 4 Star General James

Mattoon Scott (that would be Burt Lancaster), that he was living in a movie (that would be Seven Days In May) and that he was calling for Operation ECOMCON as a last resort to save America from Donald Trump. In the movie that was the implementation, by the military, to take over all media and communications in order to effectuate a coup d’etat.

Such irresponsible talk is becoming all too frequent from those who hold positions of political leadership on the Progressive Left.

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