The Witch-hunt

Much speculation has been made as to where the Robert Mueller investigation is going and where it will wind up. So, let me throw my hat in the ring. My opinion, which is as good as the talking heads on cable TV, who can do no better than speculation, is that Mueller is just an operative of the Democratic Party and other anti-Trumpers. He is on a mission to build some sort of case against Trump even by innuendo, without substance and driven by the Left Wing Progressive Press in order to set the stage for Articles of Impeachment to be issued against Trump should the Democrats have sufficient numbers in the House after the 2018 elections.

If the Republicans hold on or increase their numbers and Impeachment becomes an impossibility, the Dems will have failed, Impeachment will no longer be in the playbook and Mr. Mueller will go away thus showing his true colors and what he was really all about.

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