Hillary’s Pumpkin Patch

We’re one week into June of 2018 and the Hillary e mails have , once again, become an issue. Her server reminds one of Whitakker Chambers’ pumpkin patch. In December 2, 1948, under subpoena, Chambers led federal agents to his garden and from a hollowed-out pumpkin produced 65 pages of documents and five rolls of 35 mm film, all from the State Department. These were known as the “Pumpkin Papers” and showed Alger Hiss to be a Soviet Agent. He was convicted of perjury in 1950.

Nowadays, in order to accomplish acts of espionage, you don’t have to muddy up your shoes trekking through a garden or get dirt under your fingernails prying apart a pumpkin. All you have to do is load up your unsecured server with classified material, have it stored in somebody’s closet and let whoever wants it, have at it.

Ain’t technology great?

#espionage #PumpkinPatchEspionage #algerhiss #hillaryclinton #pumpkin #HillaryClintonServers

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