“Show me the man and I’ll find you the crime”

So said Laurentiy Beria henchman for Joseph Stalin assigned to destroy his political enemies and so goes Special Counsel Robert Mueller in the best traditions of “Uncle Joe”. But, Mr. Mueller

has still to bring his case before a court of law and has already experienced a couple of problems. He was admonished by one judge for going beyond his authority and actually indicted a Russian organization which no longer exists. Mueller’s entire case, or cases, depends primarily on the validity of the so called “Dirty Dossier” which was used to kick the whole investigation off and the legal efficacy of the warrant issued to raid the law offices of Michael Cohen, Trump’s attorney, which undermined and violated attorney-client privilege.

It is a house of cards and is doomed to fail.

#TrumpMueller #Fakenews #DirtyDossier #lawofficesofMichaelCohen #attorneyclientprivilege #LaurentiyBeriahenchmanforJosephStalin

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