Bombs Away?

After Trump’s bombing of the Syrian chemical weapons facilities during late April of 2018, questions arose as to the wisdom of the action. Much of what you hear is the Libertarian view as to what was the benefit to the United States. The question is as to whether we are talking about a short term benefit or a long term benefit. In my mind we are getting back to the concept of the existential threat versus the concept of preemptive strike with the moral imperative being thrown in for good measure.

On April 15 th , 2018, it was reported by Joe B. Pollack, in Breitbart, that a Mr. Mosberg, a 92 year old survivor of the Holocaust, stated that if Trump was president 75 years ago he would have bombed the concentration camps, the crematoriums and the railroad tracks leading to them. Following this line of thinking, it is possible that Trump would have also bombed the growing assets of the Luftwaffe of which the American government was informed by Charles Lindbergh. The German war machine and its atrocities would have been short circuited and a World War would have been prevented. But, Germany and the Axis Powers were not an existential threat and Neville Chamberlain assured us that there would be peace in our time. So, isolationism became the order of the day, long range thinking was tabled, the moral imperative was ignored and the world paid the price.

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