Lord of the Flies

David Hogg, spokeskid for the Progressive Left on gun control, has vowed that he will save the country. I have my doubts. Thus far all that he has demonstrated is a potty mouth while spouting the same old, tired, anti-gun rhetoric which provides no solutions. While advocating the weakening or abolition of the Second Amendment, he has stood up for so-called backpack rights of students, stating that transparent backpacks would be an infringement of their 1 st Amendment right of free speech. Two points on this. First, transparent backpacks would go to a question of 4 th Amendment protection against unreasonable search and seizure, not 1 st Amendment protection as stated by Mr. Hogg. Second, transparent backpacks might actually be a step in the right direction to prevent weapons from being brought into schools, thus illustrating that Mr. Hogg fails to comprehend the absurdity of his statements. But, what else would you expect from an uninformed, undereducated child with virtually no life experience.

Where in hell are his parents?

#GunControl #Progressiveleft #1stAmendment #4thAmendment #constitutionalrights

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