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This book is an attempt to highlight some of the major issues facing the Trump Administration and is not about Trump, the man. Some of our most important problems have been all but removed from the national conversation or, rather, sacrificed on the altar of politics and ratings by those attempting to destroy the Trump Presidency and with it, the nation. These are the enemies within. On these pages information is provided, observations are made and some suggestions are offered. The main focus, however, is to get you the reader thinking about critical topics and perhaps, thinking about them in a new way. From knowledge comes interest, then, action and finally solutions. My hope is that this work will contribute, albeit in a small way, to those solutions

When Dr. Joanna Russo, genetic researcher, gets an invitation from her former Cambridge professor, she quickly accepts. Shortly after reuniting with an old school chum, Fiona Clark, she finds herself thrust into an adventure that begins in France in the year 1529 and is rooted in the darkness of past centuries, giving rise to matters now set to threaten the future of the world . . .

While in England, Russo is recruited by The Agency, a secretive group investigating the Serpentine Foundation, a scientific institute located in the Cambridgeshire countryside. Indeed, the stakes are higher than they could have anticipated. The women discover that the research being carried out is for the development of genetic memory for political and military application and advantage.

Set amid the disparate worlds of science, politics, and intelligence, Russo and Clark devise a plan for the Foundation's destruction, a ploy fraught with risks. Can anyone be trusted?