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Simply a thought provoking and thoroughly enjoyable read. Mr. Domina uses the concept of genetic memory to spin a thriller of dynamic proportions. The intrigue is reminiscent of Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code. 

I was entertained and curious as the book explores genetic memory and how as always governments try to acquire and hide new stuff, good delivery nice afternoon read

Thoroughly enjoyed this very fast-paced and engaging scientific spy thriller; book has exciting plot and action, vivid characters, and beautiful descriptions, as well as intense dialogue; book was very difficult to put down. Great summer reading!

Lucia Gabor

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A little about me...

The author, Charles Domina, has, over the past forty seven years, during various periods, practiced law, was a principle in a number of small businesses and a member of the adjunct faculty at a large southeastern Florida university. 

Presently, the author dedicates his time to creative and political writing and as a co-founder and active director of Haiti Healthy Kids, Inc., a non-profit public charity concentrating on sending medical teams to the island nation of Haiti in order to provide pro bono surgical and related services to the children of that country.



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